Mar 2, 2012

How I can know my website ranking in Google & Yahoo ?

In the next article we will explain how you know pudes ranking your website in Google, first we present a website that has an interesting utility to know the position of the ranking in Google’s web page and any page with respect any set of keywords. This is Google Rankings, a simple but very interesting site.
The operation is based on introducing some key words in a text field and the address of the website you want to locate in another field. The search will return the location where you found the page, if that is among the results.

The system can be limited to search for pages that are among the 100, 200 … and up to 1,000 top positions. The more limited is the search, the process will take less time.
Are a very interesting for a good marketing Online and I’m sure we entertain for a while. However, the website also offers other tools that may be of interest as:
Determine Best Keywords: a utility to know the keywords used in a page and know what position does the website for each of those words.

Keyword Density: by ensuring a URL and reports on the keywords it contains and its density (the ratio between the times shown and words of text).
Mass Keyword Search: to search ranking on several sets of keywords at once.
Mass Domain Search: list showing the ranking of various websites regarding the same keyword.
It also contains other tools for online marketing services like search engine ranking a similar, but the engine Yahoo, you can visit in the direction This site, at the time of writing the article, is still in beta.
In short, this is another website that can help us focus on a more successful promotion of our website and good SEO, making our position known at all times and in what parts fail and in which we are strong.

We believe it is a very interesting site and at least entertain visiting us for a while doing searches to find the position of our website.

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