Mar 2, 2012

5 Common Mistakes in Web Optimization and Positioning

Writing for search engine optimization, more than ever, a balance between art and science.While science is applied predominantly to search engines, art refers to content that your visitors see once they reach your site.
While there is absolutely unlimited number of SEO mistakes that can occur at the next mini SEO course will present a list of five mistakes that make your visitors click on the “back” and leave your site, and never return:

1) Writing for search engines: – Write as many keywords and phrases repeated in its content can generate negative points with search engines, remember not to sacrifice quality for quantity. The algorithms currently used have much in mind, but a keyword rich content is only one aspect of the overall calculation.
Of course, you must be prepared with the search engines to move up the rankings, but if visitors are bounced from the site after reading a couple of lines in the content of your page you’re probably losing the battle on the network.

2) Sacrificing readability while supplying keywords on your site – Key phrases “sticky” in content for a score as well as the search terms may work against him if he does not read well on the content of your site.
Optimize the content so you can convert your keywords in a number of inconsistencies and can be annoying and confusing to readers. One of the basic techniques of optimization and where you will receive a positive response using keywords that fit your content, even if they generate slightly less traffic.

3) frequent lack of spelling in content – While the spelling may be useful as search terms “intentionally” in its content, will have to sacrifice the credibility and professionalism of their site.
Calling attention to a misspelling. Many people will go to the page and forget everything you saw with the exception of the words that were misspelled thinking: These people have heard of a spellchecker?

4) multiple repeats of the same phrases – can work in composition, but using the same keywords over and over like a broken record will turn off readers, especially if they see the repetition as an attempt to promote other sites. At that point your site conviertirá an insult, it’s not a good way to start relationships with readers.

5) Use of phrases that are tangential to their purposes – Incorporation of high traffic keywords that relate to things that are not part of what is being offered might get more visitors to your site, but the question is: Do readers return to your site as soon as they realize they do not get what they want?. Do not waste time and space on the page, visitors and readers sacrifice will never be a good idea.
Skip the quality of its content to pursue the traffic is a sure path to frustration and website performance. The same applies to the content for your visitors to ignore the search engines. Optimized content that is working to attract search engine traffic to your site and will be optimal for the visitors who came later to stay.

Balancing work with high-quality content, keyword rich content assertive direct traffic to your site while the combination of credibility and trust that your visitors deserve then I take the objectives set for you initially.

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