Feb 23, 2012

What Is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

"Doing a good seo is crucial ... but the key is to offer quality content."

In general, users do not make much use of the lists of favorites or bookmarks browsers provide systems and rarely directly typed the URL of the page you wish to go, because he might not know it.

Given this dynamic, web positioning strategies are critical . Since on the other hand, after a search of less than 40% of Internet users reached the second page of results that provides a search engine, and only 10% check to the third. This is where it is clear the need to achieve visibility and to achieve this we need to think like search engines to better communicate with them.

Google, Yahoo, MSN and company order their results through mathematical algorithms that undergo analysis hundreds of factors. Each company uses a different formula and the idea is not decipher.

The answer lies in the SEO . SEO is the acronym for "search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) or" search engine optimizer "(Search Engine Optimizer), which gives us a series of clues and techniques to interpret the mode of operation search engines.

1. Content

What users see vs. what are the search engines. Users can watch and / or read the website but search engines can only read the programming code with which they are developed and, even today, still can not read them all equally, for example, Flash has recently joined Google results but can not be optimized as HTML.

Graphics, sounds and videos are part of a page that search engines can not decipher it is for this reason that the positioning work is based on HTML tags and text.

2. Indexability

This concept refers to the ownership of the page to be properly indexed by search engine robots, allowing access to all corners, facilitating navigation and showing all its contents clearly.

 The meta tags

The Meta Tags are code in the header is not visible on screen when displaying the page. There are several types of Meta-Tags and they do a description of the content and features we want that search engines take into account.


    * Meta Robots :         This tag is only necessary if you want that page is not indexed in search engines.
    * Meta Description :  This tag is important because it allows us to make a more profound than in the title, which we refer to the page content.
    * Meta Keywords :    Perhaps the most important, she put the key words through the schools want this page to be found on search engines. Any other Meta tag is not considered by most search engines, only for some very specialized. It is noteworthy that Meta tags are not a magic solution to position a site in search engines, you must use all the techniques to be successful.

- Title.
Before entering into any other theme or gimmick positioning is important to define the titles of our pages, which should make a brief reference to the content of the page to which you are assigning, taking care to include the most important word describe the page or section to which we refer.

- Description.
Individual short description or abstract of the document as a meta tag that summarizes in a brief and concise content of the document and that may appear below the title in the "SERP's (search results pages of search engines.)

- H1, H2, H3, ... Hn
Correspond to the holders of any websites, so that the text you include in this tag will be taken into account for the contents of the page. Its importance depends on the number that accompanies them, H1 being the most important and so on until H6. You should only use a single level page and not found much use beyond the H4.

"The relevance
Relevance is an important point, this means that any word used in the title and meta tags of the page in question should be included within the text content of the page. It is noteworthy that some practices are penalized by search engines such as using hidden text and word lists.

"The URL
You try to be as descriptive as possible and semantically also facilitate proper indexing of the document. As an example: www.nombreempresa.com / activity-main.html
To strengthen the content of the page and improve your position in search engines is important that labels view the URL above and have the same content.

Are not read by search engines, but you can rename them or give them descriptive attributes to facilitate indexing. A picture of a cat whose name is "12345.jpg" is not very descriptive, but if you change it to "gato.jpg" and you're telling the search engines what is that picture. And you can add the ALT attribute, very important for accessibility of documents and for proper indexing, with a description of the photo, in this case ALT = "a gray cat," and that will also serve people with disabilities be aware of their visual content.

"The outgoing links
They are also an important factor in the confidence that generates a site. Always try to add value to the user through the content with outbound links. Since your users can not navigate all the available web pages: Convert your reference page with unique content and a number of resources that extend and complement the information.

"The map
Finally, your site should include a file sitemap.xml , a map of your site to facilitate proper indexing by search engines.

3. Keywords

One of the most crucial factors in the management of the natural results are the key words, as in any book we are informed of the contents of the page and to be text, are perfectly understood by search engines, you should avoid using text as: "Home Page", "Home," Name of the Institution. "Search engines are the main gateway to cyberspace. A person who wants to find a page on the Internet, usually done through a search engine.

All positioning campaign must begin with the analysis of the keywords or keywords for which you want to optimize the website. Keywords means those words such as "hotel" or strings of words such as "hotels in Barcelona, and your choice will depend on the content of your campaign goals, and finally, the target or target to which you want to address .

The SEO is roughly 4 points:

* Content. Basis of SEO, without content you have nothing to position . The aim is that the content created, has quality and is accessible and readable by search engines. You      can use SEO-Browser to view your site as you would a search engine.
* S.E.O. (search engine optimization)Keywords (keywords) . The basis for the classification of any form are the key words, for according to the words that we include on our site, we store the search engines. So choose the best keywords for your site is one of the great challenges of SEO . The typical procedure for choosing and finding keywords is that   once chosen the theme on which we write, we make an investigation of possible keywords, through research on the topic to see what kind of concepts and words are which      are more related to it and then brainstorm ideas related words (can be via a tool like Google for keywords ). Once you've identified several key words then check the      
frequency with which they are searched and choose according to your target market and existing competition for that keyword. It should be noted that the term " keyword "does not necessarily refer to a word and in most cases refers to phrases .

* Optimization. Once you have the list of keywords you're using should try to take the best advantage of optimizing your content using tags , as the title (title), headers (h1, h2, h3, ...) and description (mini-summary of your page.)

* Authority. The way you show the search engines that our site is relevant, is through the sites we link. Making other sites link to us is what is known as link building . In addition, since the content is not sold by itself is important to promote related sites, portals and social networks and eventually cultivate relationships with other bloggers and with your own readers, it is these that can help you promote you by word of mouth.

4 . Professional Services

Hiring an SEO is a very important decision that can improve your site and save time, but also risk damage to your reputation. Make sure to research the potential benefits and the damage that a solvent can cause little SEO on your site. Many SEOs and other agencies and consultants provide useful services for website owners, including:
    * Review the content and site structure.
    * Technical assistance in the development of web sites, for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, using JavaScript, etc.
    * Content Development.
    * Management online business development campaigns.
    * Keyword research.
    * SEO training.
    * Experience in specific sectors and geographic regions.

Advertise on Google does not influence the position in which your site appears in search results. Google never accepts money to include or rank sites in our search results, appear in organic search results is free.

There are free resources such as Google Webmaster Tools, the Webmaster Central blog and the official forum, which can provide a wealth of information about optimizing your site for organic search. You can find many of these free resources and information on paid search in Google Webmaster Central . 

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