Mar 4, 2012

How to Highlight Authors Comments In Blogger / Blogspot

How to highlight the author comments in blogger blogs. This will help to Commenters can find author comments easily with this hack. Blog Author comments are highlighted differently to normal style. Many blogger are using this hack in their blogs. No other plugins are needed. Using a small Xml template hack we can change style of author comments.

How to Highlight the Author Comments in Blogger?

 Adding CSS code
  1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard
  2. Select Design Section
  3. Choose Edit HTML tab
  4. Check Expand Widgets (i.e., Tick Expand Widgets check box)
  5. Find ]]> Tag in Your template
  6. Add Bellow code Before it

Change Background and Border Colors as you need

   7. Now Save your template

Adding Xml Code
  1. Find the following section of code in your template
  2. I am not sure the code exactly like bellow
    But tag must present in code
    So Find tag and then select entire code like bellow

   3. After finding code successfully then Add Bellow code Before it

  4. and Add bellow code After it

  5. After adding Above two codes then Save your template and check your Comments

Your final change in code like bellow

Any difficult to install this then don’t hesitate to ask me via comments Your comments are always appreciated except spam.

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