Mar 13, 2012

Website Design Simple Tips Part 2

No matter, what you are and what is your field, you can start your online business and increase your business by making website. Do not worry if you cannot invest any penny. You can start your online business even without money, but have no idea where to start. How can I start my online business without any investment? It's easy and the only thing that is required is consistency and strong will to achieve your goal.

How to start your online business?
Like other thousands of people, you can also earn money by making website. World's most popular online earning source is google adsense service. There is no any prerequisite to start your online website design.
What is domain name and Hosting?
The first thing that is required is a website; we have to purchase a domain name to make our website online. You can find lot of cheap domain name registration companies offering cheap web hosting packages on their dedicated servers. They also offer, web design for business promotion and seo purposes. In fact, the domain name is a website name. You can register domain name with your own name or your company name according to the domain name availability. Different domain such as .com, .org, .edu and .net etc are available. After register your domain name, you have to get hosting for your website and it also require some charges.
But, do not worry; you can get your own free web site also. You can make your free blog on blogger or wordpress or register your free domain name on some free hosting provider sites.
After that you have register your domain name and web hosting you need how to make your own website. You can make your own website easily. It can be your official web site, personal web site, business website or seo website. If you do not know website building techniques, you can hire a web developer, make website via some free website or purchase cheap website. There are many websites who offer how to build a web site. Really, it's easy and you can build a web site himself. You can also download some free website tool to build website. They offer easy website creator techniques and even a person do not know anything abut web development can easily make web site.

After you have registered you domain name and website building, you need to register for google adsense account to start earning money. To register for Google Adsense, make your e-mail address in Gmail. For registering on google adsense account visit this URL

Web Site Design Tips:
This is very necessary for webmaster to design a google friendly website. If you're doing seo and you build a website for search engines, it is important to make sure that your website is a seo friendly.
You need do a lot of work to get the top ranking on search engines and get the best place. You have to ensure that you are giving your site the best possible chance to get that high ranking is needed. Follow the rules below and you're on the right track:
Let's start with a simple one, allowing its producers do not use frames on your website. It really was the past, but still some old fashioned programmers can use them. Important to consider that the frame can not be properly indexed by search engines and should really be avoided at all costs may.

Images, Flash and add text to video
However, Flash and there is becoming accessible to search engines still have problems with it. The best way is thinking about things that search engines can only read text, and so they will not be able to index your images, Flash or video files.

So what is it to add your image files on the file where you call an Alt tag can have descriptive text is important. The search engine about to read and index your files which will be appropriate.
Similarly, for sites with video files or Flash files, you describe what Web shows or does your video file to Flash page should include additional text.
Just a quick word on the entire Flash websites, this search engine to work with is a good idea of your site for search engines can copy an HTML. Otherwise you risk your site, not all indexes are being implemented.

Use Search Engine Friendly URLs
Many systems that URL with the normal numbers and symbols that make no indication of whether the page is about to generate. This can create serious problems, first, because there likely search engines will not index it. This as they see the reasons for their content and, therefore, often changing prices for dynamic indexing. It is about the search engine what your page will not be indicated.
The best way that this URL is descriptive text and forward slashes is made including handle. It's really important as the search engine to learn what's really on your page before they read it allows. In addition these URLs are dynamic because they are external characters on websites saying that the story is better to include. These URLs look like normal website directories are ready when they really are dynamic URLs.

Use the direct link to your website HTML Navigation
It is important to remember that although they look good search engine with JavaScript and Flash menus, you can cause a lot of problems. Many search engines can not follow the reasons for these links. So a search engine home page you will find and index your site forward, they will not be able to go on other pages.
Model menu and a text-based links are keyword targeted landing page will include text. Within your site, remember that almost every page of a very real chance of attaining a higher ranking, you do not need to do all to ensure design, content and site structure is optimized.
Finally, if you all are uncertain whether your menu is search engine friendly text in your page footer menu using keyword targeting with the principles described above has anything back. Alternatively you for your site and add a site map may be a link from its home page. These either can navigate to a search index engine and will ensure all pages on your website.

Create a meaningful title tags
It is important to all of your pages relevant titles. The search engine will read and to help them on each page of content is about to determine. To ensure your keywords to help you remember those words appear for the top post.
If you step above a search engine friendly website, you must follow. Besides that it also be user friendly so that you win every way. You and your users on your site Rankings used effectively will be able to stand a chance.
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Unknown on February 6, 2014 at 8:27 PM said...

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