Feb 24, 2012

Affiliate Marketing: Best Affiliate Programs


Learn which affiliate programs will make you the most money!

Here is The Newest Affiliate Marketing Program
"ALL EYES" Are Watching This..........

Empower Network:
Is brand New, and at day one bringing in close to 100 thousand dollars. The secret behind this soon to be Giant is that to make money like a Guru, you need to get paid like the gurus do. Put together by two of the biggest Gurus in online marketing. You may have heard of them David Wood and David Sharpe. Here are the Details:
  • Absolute 100% Commissions! Who else does this? This is one of the reasons this is causing such a stir.
  • Direct payment into your bank account......Instantly! No more waiting weeks or months to get your money.
  • passive up sell leverage system. Another helpful tool to possibly make more money.
  • plug and go marketing system that is set up for you, a blogging system/site that comes with sales copy, marketing funnels, lead capture pages, you do not have to know the technical stuff, also comes with an eight step get started video series and guide. A simple one to get you started right away.
  • the system and tools/products are geared to help you to earn more.                
Click Here to learn more
Here are some of my favorite Affiliate Programs

All the website I list below are FREE to join, and most are extremely well known in the affiliate community. You're welcome to sign up to as money programs as you want, or you can simply choose the ones that you like the most. I'll try to explain why each one is good, how to use that specific affiliate program, and if the program requires you to own a website or not.

Click Bank:

ClickBank is probably the most well known affiliate program out there today. They have paid out over 1 billion dollars in affiliate commission, and they have one of the largest database for affiliate products. Click Bank has something which is called a market place where you browse for products you want to advertise. They have a lot of e-books and other programs which are easy to sell, and they have high commission rates.

Click Here to join.
  • You do not need to have a website (everyone is accepted)
  • Click Bank has over 50,000 products that you can advertise
  • Commissions as high as 75% (one of the highest you will see)
  • Great tech support, and advanced reports to track earnings.
  • Accurate commission tracking, and you can get paid weekly
  • They have their signature "HopAd Builder" which makes creating ads and affiliate links super easy.

Weebly Affiliates:

This affiliate program is more specific since it only deals with referring people to their website building program (versus a bunch of different products). However, I have had great success with this program because a lot of people like making websites for free, and they have been ranked extremely high as a company.
Click Here to join.
  • You do not need to have a website to apply
  • You earn 25% Commission on ALL sales
  • They provide you with great banners, text links, and other promoting tools
  • They keep a great record of clicks, sign ups, etc.
  • You can refer sub-affiliates which means that you earn a commission on the earnings your referrals make.

Amazon Associates:

This affiliate program is run through Amazon.com and requires you to have a website.  What makes being an Amazon Associate so great is that if someone clicks on your ad and buys anything within 30 days, you get credit for their activity. Even if they click an ad for a camera and decide to buy a cell phone, you earn commission.

Click Here to join.
  • Earn 4%-15 commission on products purchased via your ads.
  • They track people who click your ads for 30 days, meaning you earn commission on anything they buy within that time frame
  • The more products you sell the higher your commission increases.

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