Aug 26, 2011

Nokia unveils two low-cost cellphone models, Nokia 101 & Nokia 100

Nokia101 , Nokia100
Ailing Nokia on Thursday unveiled two cheap cellphone models, aiming to strengthen its position against low-cost Asian rivals. 

The Nokia 101, which comes with slots for two different SIM cards, will be available this quarter for about 25 euros ($35.22), excluding taxes and subsidies, while the Nokia 100 will be available next quarter for about 20 euros.

Nokia shares have roughly halved this year as the firm has struggled to keep up with the pace of smartphone development, but the firm has also lost ground in the cheaper end of the market to Asian brands like ZTE and G'Five.

Nokia's first dual-SIM model reached the market only last quarter, enabling smaller rivals to benefit from growing demand for such models which are increasingly popular in countries like India.

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