Aug 12, 2011

How To Use Mobile Number Portability (MNP) In India

Mobile Number Portability has already been launched all over India.Now the customers have more freedom and operators have more competition.For those who are unaware about MNP let me give them a brief introduction.
Mobile Number portability allows the customers to change their operator without changing there mobile number.This feature was first rolled in haryana and now it has been rolled all over India.
In this post I will try to answer all the queries of users about Mobile Number Portability.The issues that I am addressing in this post are:-

  • How To Change Mobile Operator?
  • How Long will it take to Switch to new Service Provider?
  • What are the charges of MNP?
  • Is MNP also available for Postpaid customers? 
  • Can I migrate from Postpaid to prepaid using MNP? 
  • Can I migrate from CDMA to GSM using MNP? 
  • How Frequently I can change my operator?

How To Change Mobile Operator?

To porting your mobile number to another operator you nees a Unique Porting  Code (UPC). So here is the 
complete steps of switching your operator
Send a sms to 1900 in the following format



  1. Now you will receive your UPC from 1901 .It will be a 8 digital alphanumeric code along with the expiry date .It automatically gets expired after 24 hours.
  2. Now vist the new oprator shop and fill a mobile number from there.

You will nees to fill the following information

Yor Mobile number
Your current opreator

The UPC code that You received

  1. You have to submit your Address and ID proof's. Your photograph and post paid bill (if you have a postpadid connection)
  2. Now purchase the new sim card from the new operator.
  3. Follow their instrucations 
  4. The maximum carge for this service is Rs 19
How Long will it take to Swithch to new Service Provider?

It can switch between 24 hours to 4 days. Don't worry your old connection will work until you are ported to new number.

The maximum time during which your number will not function is 2 hours and during night (12 pm-5 am).So it won’t affect you much .

What are the charges of MNP?
The maximum amount that can be charged is Rs 19.

Is MNP also available for Postpaid customers?
Yes, MNP is also available for postpaid customers.But you have to clear all your pending bills to use MNP.

Can I migrate from Postpaid to prepaid using MNP?
Yes,you can migrate from postpaid to prepaid connections using mobile number portability.

Can I migrate from CDMA to GSM using MNP?
You can Migrate from CDMA to GSM connection.But it will make your CDMA phone useless so choose wisely.

How Frequently  I can change my operators?
For using Mobile Number Portability (MNP) your connection needs to be atleast 3 months old.So after 3 moths you can change your operator.

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