Jul 16, 2011

Website Design Simple Tips Part 1

 Probably if you are reading this article now then you maybe already a webmaster who own a website , or maybe you are willing to own a website , if you are going to create and own a website , then you should read these great tips in planning your website before starting creating it .
Without planning you may fail in reach your set goals that may lead you to a high depression feelings .
Lot of people who are willing to create a website they create it in one day and night without thinking about their strategies that can implement to have a website with good content to serve it to their visitors , they may talk to themselves one day and say let’s create a website about games for example and then he start to buy his domain name and web hosting and create the website in 1 or 2 days and then only 2 or 3 month later and he will close his website , do you know why ? , let’s answer you with these 4 important tips that this person haven’t done it :
1 ) Ask yourself , why I’m creating this website .
By asking yourself such a question you can determine for which purpose you are creating your website , is it for your work group ? , for your school ? , for your friends ? , or do you create a website to earn money from it ?
Knowing why you are creating a website will make your niche you are going to target easy to found , what are your audience and which script you are going to use to post your contents .
2 ) What is your website niche .
Very important question you must ask it to yourself , I’m really sad for people who create a website that don’t have a specific niche talking about . Never create a website that talking about everything , if you create a website that talking about everything , then you are going to lose everything .
Specific a niche for your website , pick a niche that you are in love , a niche that you can write articles and give your visitors valuable things .
3 ) Knowing your audience .
Feel your visitor like he is standing in front of you now , what is his name , his nationality , his mother language , how old is he , male or female , beginner or expert .
Answering this small questions will make you know which audience you are targeting , it is important to know which people you are targeting , don’t create content and target beginners and expert at the same time , if you do this I can tell you that you don’t have a niche like the one above who create a website about everything .
For sure to talk with a beginner not as to talk with an expert , every kind differ from the other on how he could understand you and often expert visitors are busy one that need fast information , not as the beginner one who want to know more and more , also targeting males not as targeting females , every gender have his different way on how to give him the information .
So you should now know that talking to an expert is not as to talk to a beginner , talking to a person 21 years old not as to talk to a person 15 years old , as well as male or female and so on .
4 ) What you are going to give to your Visitors .
You must know , if you choose your niche in a right way then this point will never stop you , if you pick a niche that you are in love with some experience and knowledge about it , then you will know what you are going to give them that you will know that it is a valuable content that will let your visitors loves you and your content and may become a regular visitor that visit your website daily .
Remember to give your visitors a valuable thing , never think to earn from your website unless you are giving your visitors a valuable thing . just give them a valuable content to give it back to you in cashes .
If you are willing to create a website , then it’s better to you to read this great tips and do them in your upcoming website plan , don’t just create a website that you don’t now for what it is created and for whom and why , always answer the questions in this topic to know which road you are going to walk , after that set your goals.
for example you may set a goal like reaching 500 visitors/daily after 2 months , always work on a goal , after it end set a new advanced goal and so on until you reach a great goal at the end with a great website with a great income , also always search for the new in your niche and talk about it , My last advice to you …. Just Implement !

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