Aug 1, 2011

Google Chrome is the third most popular browser in the world

Google Chrome is now the world's third most popular web browser with one in five users preferring it.

Google Chrome has also emerged as Britain's second most popular web browser, edging Mozilla's Firefox and nibbling at Microsoft's Internet Explorer, the current leader.

Chrome accounted for 22 percent of the British web market, compared to 45 percent of users preferring Internet Explorer. Apple's Safari stood at the fourth place with nine percent share.

But experts pointed out that Internet Explorer's market share was falling despite the programme already pre-installed on almost every computer sold in Britain, The Telegraph reports.

Google said its surge in popularity could be explained by its speed of delivery results, its security and a new ad campaign.

Lars Bak, the Google engineer responsible for Chrome, based in the Danish countryside, said the company's aim was speed. He said users should "never be happy" with the existing speed.

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